Mobile advertising is highly effective. We now have proof.

Oct 06, 2015

The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) gathered main agencies, brands and entrepreneurs of mobile industry in Brazil last September, to share and discuss the strategies and expectations that mobile marketing is showing within the region. The data revealed about mobile effectiveness astonished everyone.

"Mobile advertising is highly effective. We now have proofs."

“Mobile advertising is highly effective. We now have proof.”

The Forum, which took place in Sao Paulo, had just one -but intense- day trip, in which thirteen topics were debated. Within them, the revealed data about mobile efficacy was the protagonist, without a doubt.

The opening of the event, hosted by MMA’s CEO, Greg Stuart, was especially shocking since it presented the first tested data about mobile efficacy, which the SMoX Study has been gathering over the past few months. The Study, which investigates the changes that mobile solutions are able to perform at the sales funnel, when integrated within the marketing mix, and which is still in the process of development, is an initiative from the MMA and major brands such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, Walmart and Mastercard.

In this line, the SMoX Study is presented as the first report in bringing evidence of the channel’s efficacy, and also as the first study that answers the questions which many marketers have been asking in regards to the mobile sector: how can we get conversions through mobile? What percent of our budget do we have to spend on this channel? How can we boost the ROI? The tips given for the correct use of mobile were many. Within them we can highlight the need of adapting the creativity to the mobile format; the correct distribution of the budget, and the use of geolocation and schedule tools for successfully sending our communications.

As mobile experts, we would like to add to the tips above the following recommendations:

  • Format-adapted creativity: when working on a mobile app, we need to take into account the device, the OS, the screen size, the navigability… an iOS’ home screen is not the same as an Android’s; just as a tablet doesn’t offers the same possibilities as an smartwatch. In this line, we can assert that understanding the format in all its aspects would be key for success.
  • Tools for geolocation and scheduling: we always say that, nowadays, technology is not a limit anymore. Through devices such as push consoles we can know how, where, when and who is receiving our messages, with almost a perfect accuracy. This opens widely the possibilities of optimizing our communications.

The results presented at the MMA Forum Brazil plainly reflect how, through the integration of mobile strategies, the conversions at the sales funnel can burst. As an example of the above, each of the brands which participated in the study’s development presented their own results after having integrated mobile channel in their marketing mix.

AT&T, for instance, presented almost double of the awareness rate at the campaigns in which mobile was included:

Mobile effectiveness at AT&T's campaign

Mobile effectiveness at AT&T’s campaign. Source: Mobile Marketing Association, MMA. ‘MMA Fórum Brasil 2015’. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2015.

Mastercard revealed similar statistics, with a 70% increase of the conversions at  image level.

Mobile effectiveness at Mastercard's campaign

Mobile effectiveness at MasterCard’s campaign. Source: Mobile Marketing Association, MMA. ‘MMA Fórum Brasil 2015’. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2015.

Walmart, meanwhile, confirmed again this trend by doubling  the conversion results at the purchase intent stage.

Mobile effectiveness at Walmart's campaign

Mobile effectiveness at Walmart’s campaign. Source: Mobile Marketing Association, MMA. ‘MMA Fórum Brasil 2015’. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2015.

The closing results, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company, showed the most impressive variations at their Gold Peak’s launch campaign, as they rose almost three times the conversion rate through the integration of mobile strategies

Mobile effectiveness at Gold Peak's campaign

Mobile effectiveness at Gold Peak’s campaign. Source: Mobile Marketing Association, MMA. ‘MMA Fórum Brasil 2015’. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2015.

“Mobile advertising is highly effective. We now have proof, and brands are missing that opportunity.”  Greg Stuart asserted at the opening of the event. 

In a context in which technology is not longer a limit, the most logical option is to start working on disruptive strategies for taking advantage of it. As former General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch would say:There are only two sources of competitive advantage: the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition; the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition”.

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